We heard so much about the hidden secret vacation destination - Catalina Island, that only the local SOCAL (south California) people know, so without further adieu, here we go for this wonderful vacation (as well as to celebrate the triplets' 5th birthday)! The 1 hour ferry ride from Newport Beach - Balboa Pier was unexpectedly fun as we spotted dolphins along the way. There were 3 decks to choose from, and we slowly progressed from the top to bottom as it was just too chilly in the morning. The kids were super excited, They refused to leave the deck and wanna watched the waves splashing against the ferry. The view was magnificence, and the sea was unbelievably blue. It's just so unreal, yet it's REAL! 
Upon reaching, we saw big orange Garibaldi damsel fish swimming near the shore! Stay tuned for the rest of our Catalina Island adventure videos!