How do you get playful and wild toddlers to feed on their own? Mission impossible right? But you got to start somewhere somehow. You are not gonna feed them forever!

By the time they know how to sit and grab, strap them onto high chair with tray, give them a bowl of yummy dish and let them "play". It will be a huge mess, but let it be. Whenever you're gonna give up after months of bending over to pick up the mess on the floor, just remember what Elsa said "Let it go", LOL. It's part of growing up, just bear with it.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  Phil 4:13 NIV

Once they are used to "mealtime on high chair", they won't resist as much when they are strapped on high chairs in the restaurants. Sure, they still make a mess, but lessen the stress of catching running toddlers, having them sitting through out the entire meal is such a relief. And soon... by around 3yo, they will be upgraded to boosters and then by 4yo, viola, your house will be high chair and booster free. I can't remember how we "survive" the entire "self feeding ordeal", but reclaiming a standard ordinary looking dining table set is so sweet and all the past is just a fuzzy memory, LOL.