We went to the beach everyday while we were on the island, as the kids just love love love digging and building sand castle. They won't get tired or bored of it, and simply enjoy running the sands through their fingers and toes. I was also enjoying my mini indulgence treats on the beach while the kids played. On the first day, I bought a huge white chocolate coated ice cream cone and drank a mini bottle of sweet moscato wine, followed by a cat nap on the beach. On the second day, I bought a fancy caramel apple, munching it with the sea breeze. On the third day... oh boy, I can't remember, we were catching the afternoon ferry back, so the morning beach trip was short, but the kids had fun with the sand again. And I found this giant beach chair/deck for photo shoot, the kids climbed excitedly on it as if they are the newly promoted ship captains, LOL!