It's triplets' friend - Anderson's 7th birthday! We were surprised to see a giant Angry Bird in the hall when we entered his house. It's a piñata!!! The kids were excited and can't wait to hit it! They knew about piñata from watching Dora cartoons and seeing others hanging it on trees in the parks, but they never got a chance to hit it all these years (ops sorry). So when the piñata game started, they joined the rest of the kids, lining up and waited patiently for their turn. We can't help laughing when Charlotte "tap" it instead of "hitting" it. Boy, this is one hard Angry Bird, it took a lot of hitting to break it and viola! The candies rain turn the kids into a fuzzy madness bunch of screaming hyenas, LOL! What an experience!!! WE LOVE IT! Thanks Anderson's Mummy and Daddy (Miranda La and Robert Yon) for such a wonderful party!