Waking up at 7+ on Sat morning and keep repeating "Mummy ___, mummy ____, mummy ___ ..." Till I acknowledge him with "good job" etc.soon they will be asking "mummy why ___" and it's time 3. Faint.>.<

Posted by WinnieTriplets on Saturday, January 11, 2014

I admit I'm not perfect. I'm impatient at times, and I yell when I want to get things done fast. But soon I realize this is taking a tow on me and my kids, especially when their little minds are starting to get emotional, just like how Riley's emotions get confused in INSIDE OUT. My sister cousin taught me something invaluable when she visited me last Spring. She taught me how to "ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR CHILD'S FEELINGS". She demonstrated how patient she is with her 2 toddlers, by not yelling when they are up to mischief. And surprisingly, they listened after they realized "mummy understand me". She showed me love and care in disciplining kids.

"Well, kids have feelings and thoughts too" she smiled.

So the next time before you yell, please please please PAUSE. Understand the situation and control your mood (you are an adult right?).