Los Angeles is such a biodiversity hotspot!
Mountains, ocean and city are super close together!!
We experience sunny sweaty winter in the valley and the next moment, a snowy storm on the mountain, all in 1 day!
Our curious tots learn about L.A. habitats and its microclimates at the Natural History Museum - Nature Lab. 
Reptiles, squirrels and many L.A. wildlife creatures! They went from awwwww at the cute squirrels to Eeeeeeee at the creepy bugs, what a fun cooling outing in a hot hot Summer day (ya, we are experiencing a lot of heat waves now, even in Fall, sad)

VENUE Natural History Museum - Nature Lab 

"Did you ever wonder why there were so many squirrels in L.A.? Or just how those funny-looking opossums survive? The true stories about plants and animals in the Nature Lab will surprise you!"