It's Friday and a special day off from school! Hooray! The cold chill left us for a few days in the midst of Fall, as if "she" can sense that we're having a short break, and "she" went off for a long weekend too! The triplets woke up without a fight and dressed "willingly", getting ready for the hiking date with their new friends from school (and mine too, with their granny and moms). 

We went to the wilderness park nearby and wow, it's amazing when the kids gathered (and furkids too), for we had a pool of 10 kids and 2 doggies! The path was rocky and the summery sun, (like a diligent coworker who covers Fall's absence) was so hardworking as if he's too eager to show his potential to the new boss (ya, we all met that kind of coworkers don't we, LOL). So we left the trail upon request from the kids' constant complaints (urg, hate that), and had a picnic on the beautiful shady lower ground.

Well, the kids were happier (and furkids too), as they ran all over the grassy field, chasing the ball and dogs(!!!) Lola, a husky pomeranian mixed, who has mixed color eyes too (right hazel and  left blue), ran off from the kid's powerless grip twice! Once to chase bird and then to chase ball! What a young curious girl, as if she is experiencing "terrible two" too!

Nicole, the triplet's classmate, love Cola - our "forever young" 10 years old maltese. Thanks to her, I was granted a lot of me-time and could chat carefreely with the adults, yeah!

It was such a fun hiking (more like a play date since we didn't hike that long, haha), and can't wait for the next hiking date, well... when Fall is back from her vacation. Bye for now :)