Ok seriously, the triplets just can't get over their Halloween costumes. So when I said: "hey, let's go to Disneyland with your cousins!", their first reaction was: "Mummy, I want to wear the transformer shirt!" I'm like... whatever, as long as they are happy. So we went to Disneyland on a chilly Monday morning, and I've to add layering to their "lightweight" costumes, plus drawing the dotted Minnie Mouse nose on Charlotte's porcelain face with my eye liner. 

When my bro Alex saw us, he's like, "wow, they are in costumes!" I smiled and pretended to be a Disney crazy fan who always dressed up their kids for the trip. Trust me, we never bother to dress up for Disneyland, all thanks to the post Halloween mood, now I truly experience the triumph of getting praises by strangers for "characterizing" my kids.

We have tons of fun as the lines ain't long, thanks to the pre el nino weather (yes, El Nino is hitting LA soon!!!). Everything was great except for the moment of fear when Brayden went missing for that split seconds. He was roaming around Toon Town and got picked up by a nice crew member in front of Mickey Mouse's house. 

Oh Thanks to my bro and sis-in-law for taking rides with the triplets too, for I simply can't split and multiply :P

Asher: Bumble Bee
Brayden: Optimus Prime
Charlotte: Minnie Mouse

Accompanied by: Alex & Jodia, and their adorable kids - Owen & Megan