To be honest, it's quite lonesome to celebrate Chinese New Year in Los Angeles. It's not a public holiday and there's no festive mood in a non-Chinese city we live in. We've no relatives here and it's pretty much like any normal ordinary mundane day. LUCKILY, FORTUNATELY, THANK GOD, there's church! We attended First United Methodist Church's Chinese New Year celebration! The kids dressed up in traditional Chinese costume, the boys look like kungfu master and Charlotte wore this cute modernized Cheong Sam dress (Qipao), LOL. (They were very excited and insisted to wear it on the next day too, haha)
So there was this huge luncheon banquet and we were delighted with the wide variety of Chinese cuisine, woohoo!! Thank God for the church, we don't feel so lonesome during Chinese new year this year. The kids got a surprise gift too, Ang Pow (red packet) from the adults! It's a red envelope containing $ for the kids - a traditional custom that we practice till this day. They were so curious and kept on asking "what's Ang Pow?" I told them it's $$ to buy toys, LOL.

“We who had sweet fellowship together, walked in the house of God in the throng.”
~ Psalm 55:14

VENUE: First United Methodist Church Alhambra