Although we booked a mini suite with full service kitchenette, I was tired of cooking on the second day. Yet the internet and WIFI were in dinosaur age, so we gave up yelping reviews. We went out on the street aimlessly and came across Antonio's Pizzeria along the beach. OMG IT IS SUCH A HIDDEN TREASURE! The alfresco outdoor beach view dining is such a good experience. The kids love it too! At one point, the kids were so happily (and nosily) cheeping away while Daddy was trying to shoot the leftover bread crumb at the seagulls, everyone was at their all time high mood. But I just zone out, as I couldn't handle all of their excitement anymore, LOL!

Oh we pass by an ice cream shop in the evening and the kids got free (adult size) ice cream, because it's their birthday! It's such a huge ball of ice cream for their little mouths, LOL!